Grandmother and Grandson Plan to Visit All of the US National Parks Together

Many of us have memories of our grandparents as we were growing up.

We remember spending holidays with them or visiting fun places like Disneyland, the beach or a National Park.

But for 38-year-old Brad Ryan and his grandmother 89-year-old Joy Ryan, their time together comes after they had been apart for years, and they wanted to make it memorable.

They decided to embark on a unique journey together, visiting all of the nation’s National Parks. 

So far, they have already been to 29, and they plan to keep going.

Their current goal is to visit 61 National Parks together.

On National Grandparents Day Sunday, they made their next stop in California, where they plan to visit the Channel Islands.

Road’s Scholar, "an American not-for-profit organization that provides educational travel tours primarily geared to older adults" heard of the dynamic duo's exciting adventure, and they decided to join them with a group of about 30 "lifelong learners on a six-day adventure that includes expert-led discussions and activities."

"Channel Islands National Park will be the 30th U.S. National Park on Grandma Joy's Road Trip. I can't imagine a better place for two wildlife lovers like me and Grandma Joy," Brad Ryan said. 

"We cannot wait to share our Road Scholar experience with the countless people who have reached out to us and expressed a desire to plan an intergenerational road trip for their families."

You can follow the grandmother and grandson team on their journey by visiting the Road Scholar's Facebook page and Instagram.

You can also see which parks they have already visited at grandmajoysroadtrip on Instagram.

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