Hemet Woman Chases Away Suspicious Men With Sword After They Try to Coax Her Outside

"They continued to try to coax me into opening the door and it was very odd and suspicious and the third time I said, 'go away.'"

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A Hemet woman relied on her intuition when strangers came up to her door and tried to convince her they were an Uber ride someone had ordered, so she chased them away with a sword in a scene caught on surveillance video.

It all began when Brianna Wucetich caught a glimpse of her surveillance cameras recording one of the men looking into her minivan window Sunday night at 8:30 p.m.

"There were two guys at the end of my driveway and two guys that had walked up to my door and rang my doorbell," Wucetich said.

"I was coming out pretty scared, shaking."

NBCLA blurred the faces of the men in the video because Wucetich says they didn't commit a crime at her home.

But she believes they were planning to do something illegal.

With her husband at work and her daughter sleeping in her bedroom, she said she wasn't going to open the front door. Instead she talked to the men through her surveillance system.

"They had posed as Uber drivers, saying they are here for Ashley," Wucetich said.
"But they used these really fake thick accents, like you are not fooling anyone -- that's fake."

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"They continued to try to coax me into opening the door and it was very odd and suspicious and the third time I said, 'go away.'"

As the men walked away, she opened her door and showed them a knife, telling them to get out of her neighborhood.

When they got farther away, she then grabbed her husband's martial arts sword and headed to her driveway to get a vehicle description while swinging it around to make sure the men knew she had a weapon.

"I swung it like I knew what I was doing. I was batting it on the ground," Wucetich said.

Another neighbor was able to get the license plate, so Wucetich says she gave it to Hemet police.

"It turns out the vehicle was a Hertz rental. You can't Uber from a hertz rental," she said,

Wucetich said although its unknown why these men came to her home she still wants to warn other homeowners to be extra careful, just in case.

"I could have been pinpointed for robbery or worse," she said. "It was pretty obvious that it was a set up, and it was sketchy."

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