Add to Holiday Gift List: Blanket for Shelter Dog

Watch what happens when you give a dog a blanket

The tails say it all.

When a dog curls up on a blanket, everything seems better. But for some of LA's shelter dogs, a blanket isn't just a warm place to rest -- it might help them find new homes.

That's why Operation Blankets of Love provides blankets for animals in LA's shelters.

The blankets help a dog or cat relax and adjust to their new environment at the shelter. When someone approaches a dog with positive body language, it's more likely they will consider adopting the animal.

"A blanket is going to make them more adoptable," said Eileen Smulson, Operation Blankets of Love's founder. "Their whole behavior changes and you want to take them home with you."

Just watch the video above to see the change for yourself.

Once they feel comfortable, there's just one thing left to do -- wait for the right person to walk through the shelter's door.

"We have dogs that come in and they're trying to bite us on Day 1," said Jan Selder, of LA Animal Services. "They're snapping and they're hiding. By Day 5, because they've been handled, because they've been given toys and treats and blankets, they're in our laps.

"Now, they're adoptable."


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Blankets of Love collected 150,000 blankets, comfort items and toys in the last year. About half of the items were collected at donation boxes in pet stores and schools.

Call 818-402-6586 for information about Operation Blankets of Love or visit the website.

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