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Justin Bieber Unveils ‘Generosity' Water in Qatar at FIFA World Cup

Justin Bieber makes "Changes" to water brand, Generosity, revamping it a water technology company to reduce plastic use. Learn more about Justin Bieber's "intentions" to make drinking water more sustainable.

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With the sustainability of drinking water and overuse of plastic in mind, pop star Justin Bieber launched Generosity on Thursday.

Bieber and friend Micah Cravalho teamed up to make Generosity premium alkaline water stations available worldwide. The pair took to the World Cup in Qatar to present the 150 stations that are currently in use.

"I want the world to have access to the best water. I also want countries to know how to best protect their people. The overuse of plastic is hurting us, we need to be more sustainable," the Grammy award winning singer said.

Bieber and Cravalho's purpose is to lead the world in water technology and reduce plastic waste for the next generation.

The Generosity water stations were debuted at the World Cup in Qatar allowing fans, players, and locals to have access to the premium water.


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What makes Generosity different is that the company can use permanent and temporary stations to sustainably hydrate people globally.

"At Least for Now," Justin aims to empower people with their ability to help reduce waste and go green in the long term.

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