LA Cookie Con: Downtown Dessert-tacular

The sure-to-be-sold-out sweets convention returns in February.

When you know a batch of cookies is currently baking, thanks to a wonderful parent/sibling/friend/cousin, do you A) promise to wash up if you can have the first cookie or B) eat the remaining chocolate chips dotting the counter or C) sneak a too-soft, not-yet-baked blob from the oven when the baker leaves the room?

Let's be honest: This is a real "all of the above" situation, at least if you're a cookie maven, through and through. You're the sort of person who will, in fact, sneak a half-baked blob from the oven, or disdain other trendy desserts for old-fashioned oatmeal clusters, or buy a ticket to a mondo treat convention several weeks in advance.

If the last point truly applies to you, unhand that batter-crusted spoon and prepare to order your ticket to LA Cookie Con and Sweets Show, a two-day eat-stravaganza devoted to the palm-sized, everyone-likes-'em goodies.

The convention, which has spread out over a sizable chunk of the Los Angeles Convention Center over the last two years, has been a sold-out deal in the past, meaning, and we don't mean to leap to any conclusions here, that could happen again.

Because, well: cookies. Not everyone is drawn to delicacies of heavy richness, and not all people dig candy. But the doughy discs, dotted with chocolate or sprinkles? It's the perfect meet-in-the-middle indulgence.

An indulgence which will appear in oodles of different gooey guises at the Saturday, Feb. 18 and Sunday, Feb. 19 convention. A bevy of treatdom's top toques'll be in the house, too, including Duff Goldman of "Cakemasters," and "delicious samples" are the name of the gourmet game.

But there shall be tidbits to try beyond cookies — think the cookie's BFF, the cupcake — and other desserts shall receive play, too. (Fingers crossed for the occasional pie cameo, though, truly the chefs in attendance come up with all sorts of wondrous and unusual bites.)


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Will a visit to LA Cookie Con enhance your own baking acumen? Will it simply be a way to enjoy your go-to snack? And, by mid-February, will it have been too long since the cookie-laden days of Christmas, when so much of our world seems to be comprised only of sugared dough?

To hop into this snickerdoodled scene before the "sold out" sign is hung, act fast, frosting-covered peanut butter bar buffs. As fast as it takes to snatch a half-baked goo blob out of the oven, and devour it, before the baker returns and catches you.

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