Watch LAPD Officers Do the #RunningManChallenge at Dodger Stadium, Hollywood Sign

Boy you should know that the LAPD has answered the challenge.

The department joined other law enforcement agencies across the world in responding to the #RunningManChallenge, the latest dance off to take the Internet by storm.

"You've been waiting and it's finally here!" the LAPD said in a Facebook video post showing uniformed officers flashing fancy footwork to Ghost Town DJ's 1996 hit single, "My Boo."

In the video, groups of officers do their running man in different spots across LA, including LAPD headquarters, a helicopter pad, in front of the Hollywood sign and even the Dodger Stadium infield.

"This is for law enforcement, our families and communities around the world," Officer Deon Joseph says. "Sheriff's, it's on you. We're calling you out."

You heard the man. The LAPD has thrown down the gauntlet against the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department.

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