Learn About Blacksmithing at Adam's Forge Festival

"Sparks will fly" at this way-cool community gathering at Debs Park.

What to Know

  • Sunday, Feb. 10
  • Debs Park
  • $25; kids 12 and under may enter for free

Southern California, it may be factually stated, is a sizable region where all residents are into a little bit of something.

This means that if you want to pick up some crochet tips, or learn how to curl, or find out more on the art of mosaic-making, you can. There is always a Southern Californian who can teach you what they know, in a blithe and patient way.

Even hallowed pastimes that seem like they might seem rather more challenging, and have a higher barrier to entry, such as blacksmithing, an art form that has also served as a bedrock of community-building for centuries, have their skilled practitioners around our area.

And to find many of those skill-rocking pros, you only need to head for Debs Park on Sunday, Feb. 10.

That's the where/when for the second annual Adam's Forge Festival, a celebration of "the art of blacksmithing."

Live demonstrations are at the fiery heart of this clank-clank-clank-filled festivity, one that will give visitors a close-up look at what goes into this metal-amazing art.


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Tomahawk throwing is part of the four-hour happening, too, as are live music performances, which will give more sweet sound to the sweet sounds produced by the shaping of metal.

Yep, there shall be food trucks nearby, too. Blacksmithing, like all great art forms, can and should stir the appetite.

Is the noon-starting celebration billed as friendly for families? You bet. Will there be an arts and crafts marketplace to browse, too? Oh yes, but be sure you arrive well ahead of 4 o'clock, when everything wraps.

A ticket is $25, and kids ages 12 and under can join for free.

The people behind this interesting to-do, by the by?

Adam's Forge, a blacksmithing school which will mark its 20th anniversary in a few short years. It's a place that aims to "preserve creative heritage and celebrate craft" through study, classes, and, yes, this cool festival.

Perhaps the festival will serve as the first spark-producing strike against the iron for you, if you've always wanted to take up blacksmithing, or at least learn more about it.

Start here.

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