LA Burger Makes Zagat's “50 States” Roster

It's a blue-cheesy patty-licious wonder with Pringles on top. Oh yes it is.

We all loved those puzzle maps of the United States as kids.

Heck, we still like them, those chunky, blocky, hand-hefty cardboard pieces that fit together, if not perfectly, then charmingly. You know the maps we speak of: Each piece bears a state bird or a state flower or a state tree, and the puzzle itself is about the size of a living room rug.

Now picture, in your meat-craving mind, a whole United States cardboard puzzle full of burgers. Would you be able to fill out each state? How about your own state? What patty and bun best rep the Golden State?

Zagat, the go-to smarties on all things gastronomic, have a savory suggestion. The review 'n rate org filled out its "50 States, 50 Burgers" list and, lo and behold and cover it in ketchup, a Los Angeles burger was picked for California.

Sorry, San Francisco, San Diego, Barstow, and Bakersfield. You do serve up some most excellent burgers, but The Escondite's Johnny-Blue Cheese was selected for the state-celebrating Zagat burger inventory.

There's blue cheese, indeed, but get this: The patty is battered and fried. And, and, and? There are Pringles on top. Say what? Say yes. This is totally the kind of thing you do at home but almost never see restaurants attempt.

Unless they are as large and in charge as The Escondite, a downtown tavern known for "deliciously deranged burger options," per Zagat.

The burger is available on Tuesdays, which is probably the day of the week most in need of a special burger that's spectacular but none too fancy pants. Save the fancy pants patties for the weekend, right?

For the full state-by-state burger picks, lookie here.

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