Movies + $7 + Regal LA Live + Tuesdays = Yay

Got a fiver, two singles, and a hankering to see a fresh flick?

Pity Tuesdays.

While other days of the week come with large and in charge reps or memorable nicknames -- we're looking at you, Hump Day -- Tuesday hasn't ever quite had anything stick.

Well, beyond "not being Monday any longer." But what kind of legacy is that? It's the day of the week that truly needs its own identity, story, and oomph.

Regal Cinemas LA Live is clearly aware that Tuesday could use some sunnier branding (as anything could that neighbored Monday). The 14-screen movie theatre is set to once again lower Tuesday prices on every single movie to seven bucks.

Yep, "every single movie," or as Regal puts it, "ALL DAY!" The caps and the exclamation point indeed tell the story.

And here's the happy ending of that tale: This is on every Tuesday through the end of 2013.

Truly, Tuesday is a fine day for film appreciation. The weekend crowds have eased up but the buzz from the previous weekend is still in the air. Meaning? Fewer people to say "excuse me, excuse me, excuse me" to as you scooch down your aisle on your way to buy more popcorn. But you'll still be in the movie-talking mix with your friends at the office.


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Ah yes, the office. If you work during the day, note that this deal includes evening films as well. Suh-weet.

Just be sure to arrive early, since this deal is rightly popular. Plus, arriving at the theater early means you can spend a few minutes pondering the perfect Tuesday nickname. Terrific Tuesday? Try-Stuff Tuesday? Coolsday? We vote the last one. Now, who'll help us start this meme?

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