Mt. Baldy Ski Resort Opens Amid Easing Coronavirus Restrictions in San Bernardino

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You can ski again at Mount Baldy.

It's the first resort to open up since closing down a month ago because of coronavirus restrictions. But Wednesday San Bernardino County leaders softened restrictions for several outdoor activities.

"The amount of happy faces we've seen today kind of says it all," said Robby Ellingson, the resort general manager.

But if you go up, be ready for the new normal, he added.

"Make sure you are about three cars apart, 20 feet," he said.

Everyone has to wear a mask and because of social distancing, the spots are limited.

"You have to have a pre-purchased reservation," Ellingson said. "There's no transactions here at the mountain. We meet you at the parking lot gate to cut down on any unnecessary contact."

Curt Hagman, a county supervisor, said county parks, trails, rivers, lakes, golf courses and recreation areas are going to start to open back up.

There are more than 1,500 cases and more than 70 deaths in the county due to the coronavirus.

"We know that by looking at cellphone data and the movement in our communities that you guys are staying at home you are keeping your physical distance," Dr. Troy Pennington said.

Because of that the number of cases has not been spiking, officials said.

Dr. Rodney Borger said that for about the last 10 days the number of patients hospitalized has been flat.

That's why county leaders are slowly easing restrictions. But you still need to wear a mask and practice social distancing.

If you want to go skiing don't forget to make a reservation because you won't be the only one eager to hit the slopes.

"Do you know how mad I've been that there's so much snow and I couldn't play in it?" snowboarder Robert Martinez said.

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