MythBusters: The Explosive Exhibition

Dig the television show and all that hands-on science? Head for Santa Ana.

SCIENCE WITH A SIDE OF SASS: Educational television wasn't a late-comer to the world of the small-screen by any means, but people too often can put learning programs into a file marked "humdrum" or "necessary but a little dry."

We science lovers out there -- and that's all of us, fingers crossed, yes? -- know this isn't true whatsoever. Shows about kinetic force and how light bulbs work and how wind energy work are not dry but frequently spry, and none more so than "MythBusters." The Discovery Channel series, which has been around for over a decade now -- that's a whole buncha myths busted, boy howdy -- stars Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman and a caboodle of question-asking adventurers. The queries pondered run the gamut -- "can you stay drier by running or walking through rain? -- and audiences have lapped it up, so much so that many people wish they could do some MythBusting of their own, in a safe and science-nice environment. That day has arrived, particularly for younger Busters, who'll make for the Discover Science Center in Santa Ana and the new MythBusters: The Explosive Exhibition this summer.

SATURDAY, JUNE 14: That's opening day for this cool-thingamabob-filled exhibit. What do we mean by "cool thingamabob"? "The exhibition features real remnants from experiments on the show along with many interactive opportunities for guests to engage in a little hands-on fun." Props and gadgets from the series'll be in the house -- er, science center -- and Busters can find out if blowing down a brick house is really possible, or changing quickly like a superhero. (That's totally true and factual, right? The ol' phonebooth change-a-roo?) A "dozen hands-on experiments" await, so make for this Orange County brain place and gain knowledge through experience, myth mavens.

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