NBC4 LA Sponsors 15th Annual Long Beach Dragon Boat Festival

Two-day Event Takes Place July 30th & 31st at Long Beach Marine Stadium

They have names like Electric Dragons, Dragon Our Feet, Blazing Paddles, Central Coast Survive Oars, JAWS, Blazing Warriors, Rice (Uncooked) and Rice (Cooked).

Southern California Edison, the Department of Public Works, the Mayo Clinic, UCLA, Foundations for Disabled Youth, Panda Express, Chinese Parent Association for the Disabled and even the L.A. County Board of Supervisors have one.  
What is it you ask?  
Dragon boat teams.
Dragon Boat Racing is rapidly becoming one of the most popular sports in the country for teams who want to race competitively and for those who share a common bond, such as breast cancer survivors or non-profit organizations. More and more corporations are employing the ancient sport for team building and camaraderie purposes. Even the Royal newlyweds participated in a Dragon Boat race on their recent trip to Canada.
NBC4 LA is again proud to sponsor the 15th Annual Long Beach Dragon Boat Festival taking place at the Long Beach Marine Stadium, July 30 and 31, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Steeped in pageantry and tradition, the two-day festival is one of the largest dragon boat competitions in California. This year, more than a hundred teams from various cities in California, Arizona, Oregon, Texas, Canada and Asia will compete for medals and trophies.  
On-shore, the beachfront will come alive with food, music, Chinese acrobats, traditional dance and art demonstrations, along with hip hop and martial arts performances. 
The Long Beach Dragon Boat Festival is part of the City of Long Beach Sea Festival. Founded in 1997, the festival is just one of several marquee events hosted by the International Culture Exchange Association. The goal of the festival is to promote team sports, a positive spirit, cross-cultural awareness and community harmonization.
Click here for information egarding the Long Beach Dragon Boat festival and schedule.
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