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Neighbors in Beverly Crest Are Frustrated After Short-Term Rental Shooting

A shooting at a short-term rental home in Beverly Crest that left three women dead has also left neighbors frustrated about the violence.

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A shooting at a short-term rental that left three women dead in Beverly Crest has also left neighbors feeling frustrated.

This is at least the third fatal shooting at a short-term rental in the Beverly Crest neighborhood since 2020.

People who live in the cul-de-sac were awoken by gunfire and screaming along with wounded people running to their homes for help.

NBC4 spoke to many neighbors who are all took shaken up to speak on camera.

One neighbor did have bullet holes that hit his home.

A bullet shattered his front window and then entered his family room and hot a wall inside his house. His child's bedroom is just next to the family room.

Another bullet hit the front of his home and two more bullets were found in his backyard and side yard.

The neighbor said those who were killed and injured in Saturday's shooting were not the only victims, all of the neighbors became victims that night as bullets came flying into their homes.

Three women were shot to death inside a vehicle during a gathering at the home Ellison Drive.

They were identified as 33-year-old Iyana Hutton of Chicago, 29-year-old Nenah Davis of Boilingbrook, Illinois and 26-year-old Destiny Sims of Buckeye, Arizona.

Four others were injured by gunfire, two were critically wounded.

Police do not have any suspects in custody or a motive but say this was a gun battle with multiple rounds of fire.

People who live in the Beverly Crest neighborhood say this particular short-term rental has been a problem. One person says there have been at least a half a dozen noise complaints stemming from short-term renters at the home in just the past few months.

Again this is at least the third fatal shooting at a shirt-term rental in Beverly Crest since 2020 and people who live here say they are fed up.

"There's usually some sort of issue the cops have been called on a rental, more and more cops and it's really not fair to the people in this neighborhood," said Rachel David, a neighbor. "This is a peaceful, this is a really special place for us."

The home on Ellison Driver appears to have been listed on the site AirBnb but the list has been removed.

Neighbors say they really want something to change, many bought homes in this neighborhood because they wanted a sense of community but say that can't happen if there is a revolving door of short-term renters.

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