New to LA: San Francisco's Smitten Ice Cream

The Bay Area favorite makes its El Segundo debut.

It's surely only another two weeks, possibly three, before another essay arrives pitting San Francisco against LA and/or vice versa. The parking pros/cons, the weather differences, the general vibe -- will we ever get along?

Secret: We already do. The 5 has flow, north and south, and a whole caboodle of residents of one city have enjoyed the pleasures of the other. Of course, we'd never dare try to end this friendly, longstanding competition, because same-state big cities will forever be locked in an eternal dance by those who enjoy cracking wise on the topic.

Exhibit #987B in the case that these two metropolises are solid in the friendo department? Smitten Ice Cream of San Francisco made its flavorful Southern California debut on Wednesday, Dec. 16. 

You've surely heard of this beloved ice-creamery, because A) San Franciscans dig it and we dig San Franciscans and B) founder Robyn Sue Fisher began her whole lickable enterprise from none other than a Radio Flyer.

As in, a little red wagon. The wagon "carried her prototype (and now patented) liquid nitrogen-enabled ice cream machine," a machine she'd truck around while selling her sweet stuff. Charming charming.

Brick-and-mortars soon followed, five of 'em, and within those shops fans can find bespoke-y scoops brimming with ingredients of the locally sourced variety. 

There's a Silver Lake outpost arriving later in 2016, but for now those who long for a lick of the Bay Area can make for the new El Segundo spot for flavors like Oatmeal Cookie Crumble, the Dough My Goodness (hello, salted caramel and other goodies), and the Berry Crisp, which includes a zingy Strawberry Prosecco Sauce.


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Of course, if you want to visit San Francisco to call upon Smitten Ice Cream there, well then, do so. We believe in a free 'n breezy exchange between the Golden State's north/south stalwarts.

And if you want to wisecrack about the ongoing competition between LA and City by the Bay, well, it is tradition, and we're all pretty live-and-let-live-y here in California. There've been some satiric gems and observations about the two places over the decades that are positively smile-worthy.

But here's an idea: Let's get everyone together, from both metropolises, for an ice cream social. Could it be done? Might we find more in common over our cones and cups?

Just don't start on parking while you lick alongside our longtime friends and neighbors to the north. Really. Shush.

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