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Newborn Girl Found Buried Alive Near Compton Riverbed

A newborn girl was found buried alive near a riverbed in Compton, California, Friday and now officials are seeking the public's help for information on her abandonment.

Two women described the moments when they heard the cries as they walked on a bike path near the riverbed.

"She said, 'I hear a baby crying,'" Angelica Blount said of her sister Evangelina McCrary. "I saw the baby, but not 100 percent of the baby's face."

Sheriff's deputies responded to reports of a baby heard crying near the riverbed located between 136th Street and Slater Avenue at 4 p.m. Friday, according to the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department.

"Anytime you have a helpless newborn child who can't help themselves, it is frustrating," Blount said.

As deputies canvassed the area, they heard a baby's "muffled cry" and discovered a newborn girl buried alive a foot deep under pieces of asphalt and rubble inside a crevice located along a bike path, LASD said.

Deputies had to remove pieces of asphalt and debris to rescue the baby, who was wrapped in a blanket and cold to the touch, officials said.

The newborn was treated at the scene and transported to a hospital. She was in stable condition and remained at the hospital for observation.

According to the Safe Surrender law, parents can drop off their newborn at any hospital or fire station confidentially within 72 hours without fear of prosecution, said Sgt. Marvin Jaramilla of the LASD.

The newborn was 24 to 36 hours old when she was found.

As of Saturday she was two to three days old, which is within the Safe Surrender window.

"They could have done the right thing, and instead they came and dumped it here," said Angel Flores, a nearby resident. "I don't know the situation they have or what's going on, but this is not right. This is not human."

The person who did this, if found, could be charged with attempted murder and child endangerment, detectives said.

Anyone with information about this crime is asked to contact the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department - Special Victims Bureau at (877) 710-LASD (5273).

Information on the Safe Surrender law can be found at the following sites:

Safe Surrender in Los Angeles at BabySafeLA.org


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