Newport Beach Set to Crack Down on Parties

Violators would be subject to steep fines and tags on their homes

Summer is just around the corner, but in Newport Beach the party may be over.

Police are asking city leaders in the affluent seaside town for permission levy steep fines of up to $8,000 and to brand the homes of repeat offenders with prominent red notices, which would stay in place for six months.

"The tag says if there is another response to the home, everyone in attendance could be cited and fined," said Lt. Bill Hartford of the Newport Police Department.

The crackdown, modeled on a similar law in Tucson, Arizona, is known as The Loud and Unruly Gathering Ordinance. It is set to be considered by the Newport Beach City Council on Tuesday.

The ordinance would “allow patrol officers to effectively control large parties or gatherings that have become a threat to public safety and the welfare of the community,” according to a report to the council prepared by Jay R. Johnson, chief of police.

Former Newport Beach resident Brent Rowland says he moved to Costa Mesa because of the late night parties. "When the bars close it gets loud, these kids in their 20's start roaming the alleys and it stays loud until the police come," he said.

Parties of eight or more that include drunkenness in public, excessive noise, serving alcohol to minors and public urination would be subject to a red tag, a citation and a fine, according to the proposal. 

Fines, which would start at $500, would be levied based on the area where the offense occurred and on the number of previous citations issued. 

Read the chief's letter and the proposed ordinance here. (pdf)

An example of the "Red Tag" violation notice modeled after the
Unruly Gatherings Ordinance in Tucson, Arizona.


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To find out more about the proposed law view the City of Newport Beach City Council Staff Report

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