Nothing But Net… and $235,000

"I just ran and shot it -- one step -- and followed through"

He's the man who made the best shot at Tuesday night's Lakers game.

He's not Kobe Bryant or Kevin Durant. He wasn't even wearing a uniform

He's a 29-year-old electrician from Compton named Craig Calloway. His half-court shot during a half-time promotion netted him $235,000.

"The most nervous part of the night for me was when I first got picked," Calloway said. "As it carried on, I calmed down. I was totally relaxed. I squared up, and I just ran and shot it -- one step -- and followed through.

Nothing but net. Calloway admits that he initially thought the ball would fall short.

"I thought I air-balled it," he said. "When it went through the hole, I just turned around and started screaming."

Now that he has an extra 200 Gs, he's taking care of business.

"I definitely have a few things I need to pay off," Calloway said. "Everything else is really about my family."

Oh, and the Lakers won 95-92.

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