South Los Angeles

LAPD Officer and Tow Truck Driver Hospitalized in Crash at South LA Intersection

A tow truck, LAPD SUV, sedan and another SUV were involved in the South Los Angeles crash.

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Two Los Angeles police officers were hospitalized in a crash late Wednesday when their patrol SUV was struck by a tow truck at a South Los Angeles intersection.

One of the officers and the tow truck driver were in critical condition early Thursday. Eight people were injured in the crash, which also involved a sedan and another SUV, at Main Street and Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard. 

The other injuries were considered minor.

One of the LAPD officers was trapped in the wreckage. Los Angeles firefighters removed the officer from the car and put him on a stretcher. The officer was moving and appeared to be conscious.

The officers were responding to a call at the time, but details were not immediately available.

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