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Officials to Consider Moratorium on Land Near Planned Stadium Site

Representatives from the cities of San Diego, Oakland and St. Louis expected to make presentations Wednesday at an NFL meeting

As part of Carson's drive to entice the National Football League, city officials tonight will consider putting a development moratorium on land adjacent to a proposed football stadium.

"If the Chargers and Raiders come to town, Carson can expect a real estate development boom," said Carson Mayor Albert Robles. "This will be a tremendously exciting time for Carson."

The city is hoping both the San Diego Chargers and Oakland Raiders would leave their current cities and share a Carson stadium.

Robles said the moratorium on land surrounding the stadium parcel will help the city bring appropriate development to the area.

"To reach our dreams, we will need to be smart and careful about the kind of development that we allow on the properties surrounding the stadium," he said. "We need to get this right."

The proposed moratorium would affect about 600 acres of land west, north and east of the 157-acre stadium property, according to Carson officials.

A city statement predicted that if a stadium is built and the NFL comes to Carson, "the pressure to develop the surrounding properties will be intense."


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Officials cited a city report that shows Carson "has already seen 'tremendous speculation' in properties around the stadium with land values going up."

Robles said Carson needs "a breathing space so we can begin working with investors and planners to figure out how to create tremendous projects that are compatible with the stadium.

"A moratorium will give us that breathing space so we can begin looking at a strategic plan for these stadium-adjacent properties."

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