East Los Angeles

Driver Who Led Police Pursuit on Nine Freeways Through Multiple Cities in Custody

The hour-long pursuit covered several freeways east of downtown Los Angeles.

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A fast police pursuit ensued Saturday night after a driver apparently attempted to run over sheriff's deputies at a traffic stop in East Los Angeles.

After failing to stop, the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department began to follow a dark-colored red sedan. The driver then continued from East LA into the area of Pico Rivera and downtown LA.

Newschopper4 was over the pursuit around 7:40 p.m. when the vehicle passed by City Terrace on the 710 Freeway northbound towards San Bernardino.

Prior to entering City Terrace, a passenger was let out of the car on streets. It was later confirmed that the person who got out of the car was in custody.

Throughout the chase, the driver's door kept swinging open every time a turn was made. The old model car seemed to have issues with the door, but it was unclear if the damage was present prior to the pursuit or caused during the chase.

After exiting onto streets briefly, the driver continued on the 10 Freeway eastbound toward Alhambra.

The driver encountered heavy traffic, but he successfully made his way through by using the shoulder and carpool lanes.

At about 7:49 p.m. the CHP joined the pursuit as the car jumped on the 605 Freeway. The car came close to hitting several cars as it reached speeds of up to 80 mph.

It was then reported that the LASD attempted a pit maneuver in East LA, where the car's bumper had sustained damage and was seen hanging off throughout the remainder of the pursuit.

In the span of 20 minutes, the driver traveled from the 605 Freeway to the 210 Freeway in San Gabriel Valley, then switched freeways into the 57 Freeway southbound until they reached Pomona.

The vehicle then switched freeways once again and entered the area of Ontario at about 8:14 p.m.

San Bernardino units joined the pursuit in Fontana about 8:24 p.m.

After getting on the 60 Freeway eastbound from the 215 Freeway, the vehicle finally exited the highways on Perris Blvd in Moreno Valley at about 8:42 p.m.

The vehicle then continued erratically through the streets -- missing cars, running through red lights and even driving on the wrong side of the streets.

The sedan then turned into a narrow street and the officers pulled in to execute a PIT maneuver and the sedan swayed into a nearby driveway clipping the back of a car that was trying to exit.

As officers began to exit their vehicles, the red sedan backed toward them and took off once again.

Minutes later, the driver pulled into another driveway where the chase finally concluded after traveling on nine freeways and various cities as a man exited the car with his hands up.

He was taken into custody at 8:53 p.m.

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