Car's Hood Pops Open in Dangerous High-Speed Chase

An already perilous pursuit became more dangerous when the driver's hood opened on a Southern California freeway.

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A high-speed pursuit that continued even after the driver's hood popped open ended Thursday night in downtown Los Angeles.

The Los Angeles Sheriff's department was chasing a white car through Paramount, Compton and finally ending in downtown Los Angeles. The driver was wanted for felony vandalism.

At one point in the pursuit, the driver slowed down to about 25 mph and two passengers jumped out, rolling onto the pavement in Paramount.

Sparks were flying out of the vehicle as he drove away, reaching 70 mph through residential areas.

For a while, there were no police behind the driver due to the dangerous nature of the pursuit.

The driver got back onto the freeway in Compton and was driving at speeds over 116 mph on the 91 Freeway speeding into Long Beach.

The California Highway Patrol eventually joined the LASD in the pursuit.


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The driver continued with only one headlight until the hood of the vehicle popped up while driving on the northbound 110 Freeway, blocking his view and causing him to yield on the 10 Freeway.

The pursuit finally came to an end on the eastbound 10 Freeway at Maple Avenue in Central City.

The driver and a passenger exited the vehicle and were taken into custody.

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