Rescued From Animal Traffickers, Bunny Ready to be Adopted

Experts say many of the tiny bunnies being sold by animal traffickers will die within days of being sold because they are too young to be weaned. But Maybelline is a fighter.

Maybelline, the tiny bunny rescued during a hidden camera investigation into illegal animal sales in the Fashion District, is ready to find a new home.

The 10-day-old bunny was abandoned by an animal trafficker when the Get Garcia Team tried to talk to him about his business.

Named by NBCLA Facebook fans for her dramatic eyes that make it look like she’s wearing eyeliner, Maybelline was taken to Bunny World Foundation, a non-profit that rescues rabbits.

"I thought she was going to die," said Lejla Hadzimuratovic, president of the foundation.

Maybelline was so tiny when she was rescued from the streets of LA that she fit into the palm of a rescuer who fed the bunny using a syringe filled with milk.

Many of the bunnies sold on the streets of Los Angeles are too young to be weaned from their mothers and cannot eat the carrots or lettuce placed in their cage. Veterinarians said that within days, sometimes hours, of being ripped away from their mothers, these young rabbits will likely become sick and die.

But Maybelline is a fighter. Despite two setbacks, Hadzimuratovic and her comrades were able to nurse her back to health.

She is now 4 1/2 months old, spayed and has been given a clean bill of health. Her caretakers said she is sweet and affectionate, although a bit bossy.

Maybelline has been raised with three other bunnies. Hadzimuratovic hopes someone will adopt all four of them.

Bunny World has rescued nearly 3,000 bunnies from the Fashion District. For more information on how to adopt Maybelline or other bunnies, visit

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