Scaffolding at a Construction Site in Hollywood Collapses

Scaffolding at a construction site in Hollywood collapsed while a worker was on it.

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The scaffolding on the side of a building at a construction site in Hollywood came crashing down Monday.

A construction worker was on the scaffolding when it began to fall and and a taxi-cab was damaged in the process.

The cab driver said he was waiting at the light when all of a sudden wood and metal came crashing down on to his car.

The debris dented his roof and left a gaping hole in his windshield, amazingly he was not injured.

Angeles Contractor says eight of its workers were in the process of of installing the scaffold when it collapsed. Only one worker was on the structure.

He was taken to a hospital and according to the construction company he is going to be okay.

Thee vice president of the construction company came out to the scene and says they are still trying to figure out what caused the scaffold to collapse.

"The scaffold was in the process of being installed, after its installed its anchored to the building then its inspected and then green tagged," said Tony Mardirosian the vice president of Angeles Contractor. "Once that happens everyone can use it. But we don’t know what happened why it collapsed. That’s still being investigated. The scaffold was still in the process of being installed."

The construction was taking place on what will be a mixed-use building with commercial units on the bottom and residential units on the upper floors.

The structure that collapsed will be cleared out, the scaffolds on the other sides of the building will remain.

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