Suspected DUI Crash Leaves 13 Hurt in Alhambra

A suspected DUI driver was arrested after a crash sent a vehicle into a crowd of pedestrians, injuring a total of 13 people in Alhambra on Sunday night, police said.

The collision happened on Fremont Avenue and Poplar Boulevard, where families had gathered to look at Christmas decorations, according to Alhambra Police Department officials.

Witnesses said a red pickup truck traveling on Fremont Avenue suddenly made a left turn and "T-boned" a black minivan, sending the minivan spinning into a crowd of spectators.

“All of a sudden I heard tires screeching, but not brakes," said David Villalobos, a homeowner who saw the crash.

Eleven of the 13 injured were taken to the hospital, including four who were in critical condition, police said.

Seven of the injured were pedestrians, police said.

The driver of the pickup truck was taken into custody.

A white minivan also sustained damage in the crash.

Fremont Avenue was shut down from Commonwealth Avenue to Poplar Boulevard as police investigated.

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