Sharks Crash Grunion Party

Sharks like grunion, too

AFP/Getty Images

No, they're not man-eaters. But, yes, you can still say you saw a shark.

Young sharks are joining the grunion fun in Huntington Beach. Researchers said the sharks aren't the stuff of "Jaws" or even "Shark Swarm."

"Around March and April, we seem to have an increase in sightings of small juvenile sharks," Ralph Collier, founder of the Shark Research Committee, told the Daily Pilot. "They go where the food is."

And this time of year, that food is grunion.

The committee reported 145 human-shark encounters last year in the Pacific Coast region. Four sightings were reported last year in Newport Beach.

A lifeguard who has patrolled Newport Beach for the last 20 years summed it up for the Pilot: "They stay away from us and we stay away from them."


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