Coroner, Police Probe Death of Sixth-Grade Student

Update: April 14, 2016: An autopsy was performed on the boy. No evidence of trauma was found. Preliminary autopsy findings indicate an enlarged heart and evidence of early congestive cardiac failure.

Earlier: Hundreds gathered in Colton Wednesday night after the sudden death of a sixth-grade student as coroner's officials investigated.

Dominick Gallegos, 12, died at a hospital Tuesday, said San Bernardino County Coroner's Investigator Tony Campisi. Dominick was a student at Ulysses S. Grant Elementary School, at 550 W. Olive St., in Colton.

Joel Gallegos was devastated by the loss of his only son who told his parents that he loved them multiple times a day.

"Lots of love, lots of love in his heart," he said.

Colton police were assisting coroner's officials at the school on Wednesday probing the death. Authorities did not reveal any details.

Katie Orloff, a spokeswoman for the Colton Joint Unified School District, said counselors were also being sent to the school to help those needing comfort during a difficult time.

"It's a really horrible thing to have a student and a friend and a member of our community die," she said. "We are working through it together. We're trying to answer questions and help people through this as best we can."

Dominick's parents were joined by hundreds in the community as Eric and Charmaine Gallegos wept.

"My son was the best thing that ever happened to me," Charmaine said.

The procession began with hundreds at the family's home, which met hundreds more at Grant Elementary School.

"Dominick touched a lot of hearts," Eric said.

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