Rattlesnake Bite Sends 3-Year-Old Girl to Hospital

A 3-year-old girl was airlifted to a hospital in critical condition after being bitten in the leg by a rattlesnake on a walking trail in Chino Hills on Tuesday morning.

The girl was bitten while she was walking on the trail at Soquel Canyon Road and Pipeline Avenue, according to the Chino Valley Fire District.

According to witnesses, the girl was in a group with other children who all attend a nearby daycare when suddenly she was bitten on her left knee. The daycare provider who was caring for the kids called 911.

Firefighter-paramedics responded about 9:20 a.m. and began life-support treatment, the CVFD said. She was rushed to a nearby field and then taken by air ambulance to Loma Linda University Medical Center.

"We are equipped to and prepared to handle any type of rattlesnake bite with mass quantities of antivenin at any given time," said Briana Pastorino, a hospital spokeswoman.

Firefighters caution hikers to stay alert on trails on hot days. Rattlesnakes seek cooler spots on warm days.

"We want to encourage people when they are out walking on the trails and out in the brush to be extremely careful, watch where they are walking," CVFD Battalion Chief Rich Higgins said.

The girl's condition has been upgraded to serious, after she was first in critical condition following the bite. 

"I really hope she's OK," Jennie Grosenbach, Chino Hills resident, said. "Definite prayers for her."

In order to pay for the medical bills, the family has set up a GoFundMe account and is trying to spread the word about their situation.

Irene Moore contributed to this report.

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