So Let's Just Check on the Poppy Scene, Real Quick

You can attend volunteer training, in early February, if you want to help out at the Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve.

What to Know

  • Antelope Valley California Poppy Preserve
  • Season: March 1 through May 12, 2019
  • Feb. 2 and 9 volunteer training days

If you haven't read the words "real quick," or been RQ'd by a pal, chances are good that you haven't been within a half mile of the internet today.

But clearly you are now, which means that someone, somewhere, is breaking out the R to the Q, common letters now commonly seen together in our rush-rush modern world.

So here's our RQ of the day, and it involves the oh-so-obsessed-over, eye-catching poppy, that orange-petal'd ruler of our region's wildflowery third and fourth months.

Nope, it isn't poppy season quite yet, but that doesn't mean that poppy people aren't already busily planning.

Exhibit A? A Jan. 17, 2019 social post from the Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve revealed that "(w)e're halfway to the minimum needed for a good bloom!," a rain reference, of course.

By golly, does that sound positive. Right? We'll keep those words close to our poppy-loving hearts as we watch the skies.

Also? Volunteer training is just ahead for the reserve, on Saturday, Feb. 2 and Saturday, Feb. 9. 

Think you'd love to be a person helping other people, the visitors who drive out to see one of the most wowza shows on the Southern California springtime calendar?

Sign up for training, and discover more about "wildflowers, wildlife, history, and volunteer duties." Those duties may include sticking close to the trails or working in the gift shop, if you're curious.

Helming a tour is also a possibility. So, yeah, that's super-cool.

Also super-cool? The season at the reserve opens on March 1 and runs through to Mother's Day (May 12 in 2019). While the blooms can and will vary during that time, that window gives visitors a good stretch to visit the poppies, as well as all of the other lovely blossoms that make a memorable showing in the area.

If you just can't wait for your volunteer training in early February, or the reserve's opening day in March, the poppy-est film of all time is returning to the big screen at the end of January: "The Wizard of Oz."

Of course, those enchanting poppies make people sleep, while our real-world Antelope Valley poppies have a way of waking people up, thanks to the flowers' vibrant hues and, fingers crossed, carpet-like spreads, if the rain and weather are kind.

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