SuperLotto Plus Jackpot Grows to $30 Million

There were no tickets sold with all six numbers in the latest SuperLotto Plus draw, sending Saturday's jackpot rising to $30 million, lottery officials announced Thursday. 
One ticket had five numbers, but didn't have the Mega number and is worth $76,999.
The numbers drawn Wednesday night for a $28 million jackpot were 3, 7, 23, 31, 36 and Mega number 16.
It was the 13th drawing since the last time a ticket with all six numbers was sold. A ticket sold at a Shasta Lake convenience store had all six numbers for the Feb. 8 draw and was worth $76 million.
The odds of matching all five numbers and the Mega number is 41,416,353 to 1, according to the SuperLotto Plus Web site.

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