Taste of the Eastside: Food Fest Favorite

Discover the new haps on the area's culinary scene, and revisit longtime favorite, at a foodie fest.

The word "eastside" and the word "eat" were in existence long before food festivals focused on the east end of town came into existence.

But it wouldn't be out-of-bounds to refer to Taste of the Eastside, the annual spring-sweet food festival devoted to area cooks and restaurants and bakeries, as Taste of the Eatside, just for giggles.

Once those giggles trail off, and you sigh and wipe your eyes, you'll want to get down to the business of noshing upon a plethora of bites with eastside cred. The date is Sunday, May 1 -- an ideally iconic day for an alfresco gathering of the gourmet sort -- and the spot is the Los Angeles River Center & Gardens in Cypress Park.

Yep, several Highland Park spots, and Echo Park eateries, and Silver Lake supperies, and brewhouses of all sorts will stake ground in one place, meaning you don't need to bop around to get your fill. 

You'll only need to stroll among the tables to try out the chowdownable goods from Donut Farm and Kitchen Mouse and Gigi's Bakery and My Vegan Gold and Diablo Taco and Malo Restaurant and The Greyhound and several other stalwarts and newcomers that make the eastside so edibly diverse and delicious.

Tickets are $40/$50 for general admission -- $40 before, $50 there -- and kids ages 2 to 12 get in for eight bucks (there shall be face painting, yeahhh).

DJs -- Garth Trinidad'll be in the house, er, gardens -- and other entertainmentful options will keep the vibes as sweet as you like 'em on the first of May.

As for the time? It's an afternoon-into-evening thing, which, science may surely one day reveal, is the loveliest time of any Sunday, and especially a May Sunday.

For all of that foodie goodness, and socializing flow, and neighborhood-y togetherness, alight upon your Taste of the Eatside -- we mean Eastside -- ticket now.

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