The Poor Man's “Ocean's Eleven”

Men steal money, flee SoCal casino

Despite being a country of laws and a nation of reasonable people, there's just something sexy about a casino heist.

Sure, it's illegal -- but think of the lights, the drama, the getaway cars. Admit it, you love casino heists. We all do.

Without a doubt, we could watch "Ocean's Eleven" and "Ocean's Thirteen" over and over and over again. For the record, we could only watch "Ocean's Twelve" once.

So when it comes to the shady-yet-sexy world of heists, two men recently took the title of lamest casino heist ever.

Police say that on April 14, two men grabbed cash from a woman as she was playing a slot machine at the Agua Caliente Casino in Rancho Mirage.

"The victim pulled some cash out of her pocket while playing a slot machine and one of the men grabbed the money from her hand. He ran out of the casino and jumped into a waiting Toyota Camry, with a man behind the wheel, in the parking garage," City News Service reported.

A Toyota Camry? No offense to Toyota, but a Camry is not how Hollywood portrays getaway cars.


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On Wednesday, police said the two men are still at large. Anyone with information about the weaksauce theft was asked to call the Palm Desert sheriff's station at 760-836-1600.

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