Velvet Martini Lounge Brings Swanky Vibes, Old-School Sips to a Studio City Stalwart

Find the get-dressy space upstairs at Vitello's.

The Velvet Martini Lounge

What to Know

  • Velvet Martini Lounge at Vitello's in Tujunga Village
  • The new "Rat Pack-inspired" venue features modern spins on cocktail classics — think Sazeracs and Old Fashioned — and timeless eats
  • The Italian restaurant, which will mark its 60th anniversary in 2024, is downstairs from the lounge, and there's a members-only speakeasy on the property, too

The sun is back, really and intensely back, with summer-like afternoons, toasty temperatures, and a brightness that extends well into the early evening.

Of course, our nearest star didn't go anywhere, but the gloomier winter months, and powerful storms we've recently experienced, had us wondering where the shine-strong stretches went.

They're here again, good news, but if these big beams have you missing a cozier, low-lit life, the sort of snuggle-close date that isn't so much about the strong spotlight as the gentle soft light, then look to Tujunga Village and Vitello's, which just unveiled an elegant upstairs space inspired by Old Hollywood's velvety venues.

In fact, the Velvet Martini Lounge has the word in its very name, a swanky signal that things will be a little plush in the intimate nitery, a bit dressy, and a touch tony.

The Velvet Martini Lounge

Of course, there's another eye-catcher in the venue's moniker, and it signals some of the classic cocktails you'll find on the menu. The lounge's luxe libations boast a sippable structure that you'll recognize but with some fresh window dressings and new designs.

A Clover Club is one throwback — it's called Doris' Dance — but other decades-old drinks, like sazeracs, make flavorful cameos, too.

The appetizers and entrées also find inspiration in a glam'd-up era, with a Shrimp Cocktail, a Tiki Snapper, and a TV Dinner — it is actually served on a metal tray — adding to the throwback aura.

"We want to bring old Hollywood back to life in a room dedicated to music and cocktail culture, with all the glamour of this city's Golden Era when Frank and Sammy and Dean were kings and big cars with fins cruised the boulevards," said Managing Partner Matticus Abshire.

"Going out was something special then, and everyone 'dressed to impress.'"

"That same spirit has always been at the heart of Vitello's."

Reservations, information, and a peek at the menu, as well as a few atmospheric snapshots? Feel that swingin' spirit, snap your fingers and tap your toes, and saunter by this site now.

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