Wedding Photo Nightmare

It has been nearly three years since their wedding, but a couple still hasn't received their wedding pictures


Lenae Silva has lots of pictures of her nine-month-old daughter, but she only has one photo of her wedding in 2008.

She said the North Hills based photographer, Frank Papini, has delivered nothing but excuses, even though he was paid in full -- $2,125. The final payment was made after a CD of the photos was delivered.

"On that CD, you're told, are your images. What you later find out is that they're all locked and you can't do anything with them," said Silva.

Silva and her husband sued Papini in small claims court. They won a judgment, but can't find him to collect.

So the Silva's took their fight online.

"We started a blog called 'Frank Papini Owes me Photos' and that's when people started to respond," said Silva. "Everything of his is on the Internet. His website, his own blog, so that was the best way we knew to go about fighting it."

Other professional wedding photographers run their businesses differently.

"The way we see it is, we wouldn't have those images if our clients didn't hire us, so they should have the rights to make prints and to open files, because it is their wedding," said Star Sargenti, of Harmony Wedding Photography. "If you're just trying to save a few hundred dollars, sometimes it's not worth it. There's a reason why professional companies actually charge more, because they are delivering more on their service."

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