Family Style Robbery

Parents, kids deploy "organized chaos"

From chaos, comes a robbery caught on camera.

LA County Sheriff's detectives are looking for two boys and their parents who were caught on surveillance video grabbing cash and clothing at a store in  Paramount on Christmas Day.

Sgt. Dennis Clark said the woman chased the kids, and used "organized chaos" to distract the staff at the Fashion Q clothing store.

In what could pass for a Benny Hill sketch, the video shows a child scurrying in front of the counter before the woman comes into view. Authorities said the frantic activity distracted a clerk while the children grabbed money from an unlocked cashier's drawer and tested the store's shoplifting alarm sensor.

The tape also shows the boys moving clothing past the door sensors to see if the items had anti-shoplifting devices inside.

Investigators said the thieves made off with about $1,000 to $1,200 and a few small display items.

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