Los Angeles Mission Hosts Annual Thanksgiving Event, Serves Thousands of Homeless People

Thanksgiving Eve calls for preparation of a lavish meal expected to be eaten the following day, gathering your family for a day of togetherness and making accommodations in your home for extended guests. It also serves as a great day to offer your service for a community in need by volunteering to help those who may need it.

Dozens of organizations are gladly accepting help by thousands of volunteers whether it is in the form of food and fiscal donations or a timeless tradition of preparing and handing out warm meals.

The Los Angeles Mission is celebrating its annual Thanksgiving Event on Wednesday by providing homeless people with a hearty, traditional holiday meal. Green beans, mashed potatoes and of course, turkey, will be served to an estimated 4,000 people this year with the help of selfless volunteers.

In addition to a hot dish, the organization will be offer foot washes, new socks, blankets and hygiene kits to help homeless people survive the winter weather.

Celebrities, politicians and other public figures often volunteer at the annual event. You will be seeing two familiar faces as NBC4 Weathercaster Fritz Coleman and Traffic Anchor Alysha Del Valle will serve meals to the thousands of families.

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