Magnitude-4.0 Earthquake Near Barstow

 A magnitude-4.0 earthquake struck San Bernardino County early Wednesday morning.

The earthquake was centered 9 miles northeast of Barstow and occurred at 2:38 a.m.

"We felt it, it rolled pretty good," Barstow resident Kelly Carlson said. "It was rolling, it was for a few seconds."

Carlson added that the early morning quake “pretty much” woke her up.

"I felt it near Littlerock and there were some noises too," Madeline Felkins posted on Facebook.

"It felt like two hard jolts," Barstow resident Kimberly Lhamon said on Facebook.

Most viewers who reported feeling the earthquake lived in Barstow. Some viewers in Ontario, Maricopa and Littlerock also said they felt it.

The city of Barstow is approximately 115 miles northeast of downtown Los Angeles.

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