Redondo Beach

UPDATE: Reported Hermosa Beach Shooting Deemed Hoax

A caller claimed to have killed his parents and barricaded himself inside the home.

A claim that a man shot his parents and barricaded himself inside a Hermosa Beach home Wednesday afternoon with explosives was deemed a hoax, police said.

The incident reportedly happened inside a house in the 100 block of 31st Street, police said, but the responding officers said nothing had happened and the residents were a victim of "swatting."

SWAT officers responded to the neighborhood just blocks from the beach and tried to make contact with anyone who was possibly inside. Police said everyone who lives in the home was accounted for elsewhere.

The claim was made through a 911 call.

"It is important that everyone understand that swatting calls expend a tremendous amount of police resources, impacting the ability for police departments to respond to legitimate calls for service," read a statement from the Hermosa Beach Police Department.

"Depending on circumstances, swatting can be charged as a misdemeanor or a felony," the statement continued. "The Hermosa Beach Police Department will actively pursue any suspects who participate in swatting incidents."

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