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Man Behind Tweet About Hanging Hillary Clinton Resigns

A Republican Party volunteer who posted a tweet that shows an executioner with a noose and the caption, "I'm ready for Hillary," from the official twitter account of the Riverside County Republican Party has resigned.

Nathan Miller resigned Thursday from his post as a deputy district director for the State Board of Equalization, the office confirmed to NBC4.

Scott Mann, the chairman of the Riverside wing of the Republican Party and mayor of Menifee, initially defended the tweet to the Riverside Press Enterprise, saying it was political satire. But on Thursday, he issued a statement condemning the tweet, saying he was horrified by it. The tweet was removed.

Howard Katz, the chairman of the Riverside County Democratic Party, called the tweet reckless and dangerous because it invites the assassination of Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

"I take a look at that and I say to myself, 'wanna get rid of the Muslims, the Jews are next," said Katz, whose relatives died in Hilter's gas chambers. "We've heard from the Republican Convention, 'Lock her up. We've heard Hillary should be shot for treason. This is just another step in that direction."

Rose Brossman, a Riverside County resident, was sickened.

"I think it has terrible things to say about our country, for a presidential nominee to even be threatened in this way," she said.

Maggie Steadman had a different opinion.

"It's true, she should be hung," she said. "She should go to prison and Trump should be our president."

Alicia Campbell, an African American, is offended.

"The noose offends me because of what happened with African Americans," she said.

Miller is also a Riverside Community College District trustee. Late Thursday, the district's Faculty Association called for his resignation, issuing the following statement:

"The Faculty Association of the Riverside Community College District read with alarm, dismay and sorrow of Trustee Nathan Miller's inappropriate tweets," the statement read. "Though we are not surprised by the descent into such crude incivility given the broader political culture, we are determined to shield our great public institution of higher learning from this infection.

"Mr. Miller's behavior is not acceptable in our community - we wouldn't tolerate it from our students - and we demand that he resign from the Board of Trustees and withdraw his candidacy from the November election."

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