Man Sentenced to 17 Years in Prison for Attacks on Santa Ana Police

A 30-year-old man pleaded guilty Monday and was immediately sentenced to 17 years in prison for two separate attacks on Santa Ana police over two months last summer.

Braulio Victorio Hernandez pleaded guilty to four counts of resisting arrest, two counts of battery on a peace officer, a count of assault with a weapon on a peace officer, and a count of battery, all felonies.

Hernandez also admitted three counts of resisting arrest, a count of unlawful entry of a noncommercial dwelling, a count of possession of drug paraphernalia, and a count of possession of a drug, all misdemeanors.

Hernandez also admitted sentencing enhancements for committing a crime while out on bail on another case.

Hernandez's first alleged tussle with police was on July 15, 2018, when officers were called to the 800 block of South Orange Avenue regarding a dispute between the defendant and his ex-girlfriend, according to Santa Ana police Cpl. Anthony Bertagna. The residents complained he was high on narcotics and wanted him to leave, but he refused, Bertagna said.

Upon their arrival, he got into a fight with two officers and grabbed for their guns, Bertagna said. Police tried to subdue the suspect with a stun gun, but that did not work and he got on the roof of another house, where police again tried to use a stun gun to get him down, but he continued to resist, Bertagna said.

When Hernandez was ultimately arrested with help from numerous other officers, police found him in possession of methamphetamine, Bertagna said.

Hernandez posted $25,000 bail on July 24, 2018, last year and was released, according to court records.

The family of a former girlfriend of Hernandez called police on Sept. 8, 2018, complaining Hernandez was causing a "disturbance," Bertagna said.

When officers arrived, they saw the suspect in a car with the ex-girlfriend and, "before they can even get started, he gets out and rushes the officers," Bertagna said.

During the clash, he gouged one officer in the eye. That officer had to be taken to an area hospital for treatment, Bertagna said.

Hernandez also vandalized a police camera with graffiti while in custody after his second arrest in September, according to court records.

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