Metro Safety Praised Despite Slew of Incidents

The LA County Sheriff's Department on Thursday touted the transit system's safety while urging riders to do their part and be aware of their surroundings while traveling.

The pledge of safety comes after a slew of incidents in the past week aboard Metro buses.

A man was stabbed on a Metro bus Wednesday but survived. The attacker was arrested after Metro officials said they got a good look at him from cameras onboard.

On Tuesday near Koreatown, a female passenger attacked a Metro bus driver and stabbed him with a pen, officials said, adding that she's now in custody and the driver was not seriously hurt.

And on Monday, streets were closed after a Metro bus passenger said he had Ebola while exiting the vehicle in Mid-City. His claim was found to be false.

"Somebody's always watching," said Chief Ronene Anda, who oversees the Metro lines for the LA County Sheriff's Department. "I have to say we have cameras everywhere. If we were a city, we would be one of the safest cities in the nation."

This week's incidents are rare, and Metro officials said violent crimes only happen to an average of two people for every million that ride. And those cameras on board every train, every bus have become a key tool and deterrent.

"What that helps with is identifying suspects, keeping people safe," she said. "I also just can't emphasize enough for our passengers and patrons to be aware of their surroundings."

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