Mother's Day

Great Tips on Newborns for First-Time Mothers

The first years of a baby's life, especially the first months, are of most importance for their entire life. The bond that the mother establishes, the restraint she gives her baby, the care and love that manifests early on will remain with them forever and will lead to a healthy and happy childhood. So what can you do about it? Take note of these tips.

1. Nobody knows your child better than yourself. That is an unchangeable reality. Therefore, only you can give them everything they’ll need and recognize those needs. Mothers are usually the best at helping their little ones grow, learn, connect with others and enjoy life. The key? The skin-to-skin contact and time together: caressing, embracing and kissing your baby all help nourish them into happy adults.

2. Newborns are not spoiled by an "excess" of attention. Science has debunked the popular myth that babies can become spoiled by constantly being held. When they cry, try to find out why. Many times there is no reason at all or it is impossible to identify it. The only important thing is to show him them that you are there, ready to comfort them.

3. Talk to them often. Your baby recognizes your voice; they were inside you for nine months. Listening to you is the best antidote to them. When talking to your infant, the child feels safe and relaxed. Talking to them allows their body to develop normally.

4. It is okay to hire a babysitter or leave them at a day care center if you have to go out to work. Ideally, though, you will be absent no more than half a day. Always explain before you leave and when you return what you do. Even if you do not believe it, they understand and perceive absolutely everything.

5. Play with them. Sit on the floor, laugh, sing, spend time doing what they do.

6. One of the most interesting secrets to secure the mother-child bond is with just a look. Children often connect through sight. In your eyes, they discover your love, they understand what you want to tell them, they have fun and they learn to use their eyes to communicate.

7. If you feel you are having trouble bonding with your baby, do not hesitate to get help! Talk to the baby's pediatrician as soon as possible.


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