Man Arrested in Home Depot Pepper Spray Incident That Left 4 Hospitalized

A Southern California Home Depot was evacuated and at least a dozen people received medical attention after a dispute between two men led to one blasting the other with pepper spray, police said.

The incident was reported just after 3 p.m. Monday at the store at 963 W. Badillo St., Covina. The two men, who police say had a business dispute in the past, bumped into each other and began to argue.

As the fight heated up, one man pulled out the canister, sprayed the irritant and hit bystanders, police said.

Four victims were taken to the hospital. One was in critical condition, while the other three suffered minor injuries, officials said.

The man was arrested for possessing a canister above the legal size, police said. Investigators were trying to determine whether it was an act of self-defense.

People inside the store were evacuated while a hazardous materials team investigated what was initially reported as a "chemical spill." The store was later given the "all clear." 

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