4-Year-Old Girl's Build-A-Bear With Late Mother's Heartbeat Accidentally Donated

A Goodwill in Tennessee reportedly gave away a little girl's stuffed tie-dye bear and the thrift store is asking for it back.

A little girl holds a teddy bear
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A Goodwill in Tennessee accidentally donated a four-year-old girl's Build-A-Bear that has a recording of her late mother's heartbeat inside, according to a Facebook post by WRIL.

The girl's father, Tylor Kennedy, said the stuffed tie-dye bear is the only thing his daughter has to remember her mother.

“My daughter’s mom passed away and her grandma made her bear with her mom’s heartbeat in it,” Kennedy, told WATE.

The Goodwill is located in New Tazewell -- approximately 50 miles northeast of Knoxville. The store said reimbursements would be made if the person who bought the stuffed bear returned it back to the store.

According to an update on April 17, the store's manager believes the bear is most likely in the Tri-State area.

While people have been commenting on the Facebook post with rainbow bears they've encountered none of them have matched up to the little girl's special bear thus far.

Anyone will information about the whereabouts of the bear is being asked to contact Goodwill at 865-588-8567.

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