$50 Burger at Bay Area Restaurant Is Selling Out

The key ingredient is black truffle

Selby's Restaurant in Atherton, California, can't keep up with the demand for their $50 burger.

Chef Mark shows Malou Nubla of "California Live" what goes into the burger to make it worth 50 bucks!

The burger itself is comprised of a special beef blend of seasoned onglet, also known as hanger steak, as well as New York and short rib. They're all primed and aged. 

The bun is a lightly toasted, fluffy brioche. 

Époisses cheese from Burgundy, France is brushed with brandy. It has a very distinct aroma but the cheese melts right onto the burger, making it ooey-gooey delicious. 

They key ingredient that makes it a $50 burger is black truffle from Australia. 

Grilled onions, heirloom tomatoes, lettuce and a full 5 grams of truffle finish off the burger. 

It's then plated in a deconstructed fashion on the plate. 

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