Southern California

Woman Pays $400 Denny's Tab for SoCal Firefighters

The group of firefighters had just finished fighting the La Cadena Fire in La Loma Hills when they were sent to a nearby Denny's for a meal

The Southern California firefighters tab at Denny's: $400.

Public generosity: Priceless.

A team of firefighters from Colton got a pleasant surprise Saturday when someone paid their $405.22 food tab at a Denny's.

The 25 hungry firefighters just got off the line battling the La Cadena Fire in La Loma Hills that burned 70 acres when they grabbed a meal at a nearby Denny's.

When they went to pay for the food, they were surprised to find out that a woman had paid their tab, including $100 in desserts.

She wanted to remain anonymous, Denny's staffers told them.

Firefighters thanked the woman on the Colton Fire Department Facebook page that night.

"On behalf of all of the firefighters that worked on the La Cadena Fire," the Facebook post said. "We thank you for your generous show of support."

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