Apple Tells Workers to Tattle

NBC Bay Area

Apple chief Tim Cook wants his employees to follow corporate rules and to tattle on those who aren't, according to a report.

Apple executives sent out a company-wide email requesting that employees review Apple's business conduct policy which describes how employees should act both in and outside Apple's hallowed doors, according to 9to5Mac. Why the new emphasis on the document? That part is unknown but has led to all kinds of speculation by onlookers. There does seem to be some concern about dealing with "customers, business partners, government agencies, and fellow employees."

The conduct code also mentions antitrust and anti-corruption laws that employees should know and act accordingly. In a video, Cook strangely quotes activist Martin Luther King, Jr., and asks that employees tell someone if other workers aren't following the Apple code:

As Dr. Martin Luther King once said, the time is always right to do what’s right. At Apple, we do the right thing. Even when it’s not easy. If you see something that doesn’t meet our standards, speak up. Whether it’s a quality issue or a business practice, if it affects Apple’s integrity, we need to know about it.
Perhaps Cook is speaking about reports to the press on Apple's products, which continuously leak before launches -- and likely boost buzz and sales. However, we believe those leaks are carefully planted. Instead, it's likely that Cook is noticing other problems, perhaps outside inventions or employment, insider trading or workplace relationships. Still, we're not sure ratting out your fellow employees boosts company morale.
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