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Biden Administration Releases Alarming Reports on Climate Change Challenges

The reports from 23 federal agencies examine how climate change will disrupt nearly all aspects of life, including more traffic and disease

AP Photo/Ethan Swope, File)

Nearly two dozen federal agencies on Thursday released reports identifying major threats that climate change poses to their departments and how they plan to respond, underscoring the enormous policy challenges the U.S. faces as the planet continues to warm.

The reports, which President Joe Biden asked each agency to prepare in a January executive order, detail how climate change will reach all corners of everyday life — from where we live, to what we eat and how we get to work.

Changes in temperature, increases in floods and droughts, more pests and disease will all affect America's food supply, according to the Agriculture Department, while the Department of Housing and Urban Development warned that affordable housing "is increasingly at risk from both extreme weather events and sea-level rise."

Health and Human Services said that not only are more people exposed to deadly heat and floodwaters because of climate change, but also that exposure to certain infections increases as the life cycles of ticks and mosquitoes change. Severe weather disasters contribute to anxiety, depression and other mental health impacts, they added.

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