British Prime Minister to Run England With Personalized iPad App


The world needs more tech-savvy leaders like President Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron. Leaders who understand how to use the latest gadgets like iPads. Cameron's moving ahead of the pack with app that'll provide him with real time data on England.

According to The Telegraph, David Cameron's "personalized iPad app" will "allow the Prime Minister to see the latest NHS waiting-figures, crime statistics, unemployment numbers and a wide variety of other data at a glance."

In addition to the figures, his app will also pipe in news from Google and Twitter in real-time so that he's on top of breaking news. Like it or not, Twitter is a platform for breaking news as demonstrated by the death of Osama bin Laden first breaking in 140 characters.

The Telegraph says that the Cabinet Office will have the app ready by next March.

Plenty of politicians use iPads. This appears to be the first time a political leader is getting his very own custom app (which is probably not going to be distributed publicly) to run a nation.

It was announced a few weeks ago that the British Parliament spent about $26,450 on 34 iPads of various models to be "used to explore how mobile computing might be used to support the work of Parliament, and what cost savings or environmental benefits might be gained."

Via The Telegraph

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