Family Said They Wrestled With Man Who Killed Wife, Self in Front of 7 Children

Police said Panorama City woman was killed by common law husband, who then turned the gun on himself

Family members are reeling from what they call a senseless tragedy after a loving mother and grandmother was gunned down by her common-law husband in front of seven of the family’s children inside their Panorama City apartment.

The shooting occurred around 10 p.m. Friday at an apartment in the 8700 block of Tobias Street, the Los Angeles Police Department said. 

Narcisa Adela Ramirez was shot by her husband, who had been drinking, after an argument, police said. He turned the gun on himself after being pushed out of the apartment.

“He didn’t say one word. It happened so fast,” said James Rini, whose girlfriend is Ramirez’s 19-year-old daughter. Police said Rini was able to push the man - who has not been identified - out of the apartment, possibly preventing anyone else from being harmed.

Rini and his girlfriend, who is 7-months pregnant, were inside the home along with six children who are members of the extended family.

“He had it wrapped up in a sweater,” Rini said of the sawed-off shotgun used in the shooting. He said he and his girlfriend never saw the gun, but they heard the gunshot that killed Ramirez.

“He was going to turn around and shoot himself but we tackled him to try and get the gun,” he said. “I pushed him out of the door and down the stairs and he got up and grabbed the gun.”

The man ended his own life at the bottom of the stairs.

Rini said Ramirez was known for her kind nature.

“She always gave you second chances if you burned bridges with her,” he said. “She was a good person.”

Ramirez, who was the apartment manager of the building in the 8700 block of Tobias Street, had complained about relationship troubles for years, neighbors said.

“She’s afraid to report it to police,” said Tony Chao. “I’ve been warning her about it, now it’s too late.”

Chao said Ramirez worked at his donut shop in addition to managing the complex and helped the elderly.

“Her smile, her kindness,” is what he said he’d remember about Ramirez. “She’s always smiling. A hard working lady.”

Ramirez’s family members said four of the seven kids - the other three who lived in the home are Ramirez’s daughter’s children - have been turned over to child protective services.

Ramirez’s daughter said she plans to fight for custody of those kids.

Chao is trying to raise money to help the family with funeral expenses. Donations can be made at Good Day Donuts at 8245 Sepulveda Blvd. in Panorama City. 

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