James Brolin: Speaking (Not Singing) To The Tweens in “Standing Ovation”

Stately James Brolin might be the last guy you'd expect to see behind a youth-oriented  musical. But the long-time producer and actor insisted in staying behind-the-scenes in the musical about friends competing in a national tween music video competition.

"This is definitely a departure for me," he tells PopcornBiz of "Standing Ovation" opening July 16. "This was designed directly for the tweens. We insisted on thinking like kids the whole time."

Brolin, who executive produced the film, is trying to tap directly into the audience which made "High School Musical" a box office success. And part of that also means keeping himself off the screen.

While he's taken on most every role in his colorful Hollywood career, the man married to Barbra Streisand admits he's not much of a song and dance man.

In his early days, he admits to unwisely being convinced to record an album.

"After being asked, I panicked for two months, gathered myself up and did an album," he says. "It definitely was not enough time."

The album resurfaces on eBay every now and again. "It's called 'James Brolin Sings' and it's just awful," he says. "But then again one country tune made it to number seven in Portland. So I was proud of that."

And despite shooting a movie about dance, he doesn't care too much for it.

"I've never been a good dancer, " he says. "But I was never concerned with anything other than how well this movie served youth."

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